Summer Art Camp


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Summer Art Camp at Annadale Art Studio

Exciting News: Summer Art Camp Returns to The Art and Design Factory!

We’re happy to announce the return of our Summer Art Camp at our studio! Our camp promises  to be a fun and enjoyable experience for your children, where they’ll engage in various arts and crafts projects alongside like-minded peers. With vibrant and colourful creations, they’ll take pride in their work, boosting their confidence along the way. While your kids immerse themselves in engaging art lessons, parents can focus on work or simply enjoy some well-deserved downtime.

Camp Schedule:

  • Each morning, camp starts at 10:30am, with art sessions lasting for an hour and thirty minutes, followed by lunch at 12 noon.
  • After lunch, we resume our afternoon session from 1pm  to 2:30 pm.

Summer Art Camp Dates:

  • Summer Camp 1: July 18th, and 19th
  • Summer Camp 2: July 25th, and 26th
  • Summer Camp 3:  August 1st, and 2nd
  • Summer Camp 4: August 8th, and 9th

Lesson Approach: Sinéad is dedicated to fostering a calm and nurturing environment for children, allowing them to unleash their creativity. Each lesson incorporates cross-curricular links to numeracy and literacy, enriching the learning experience for our young participants. By joining our lessons, your child will enhance their artistic skills, relax in the creative process, aid their mental well-being, nurture independent thinking, refine fine motor skills, and expand their artistic horizons.

Every class revolves around an artwork, spotlighting an artist or designer whose style is influenced by a particular movement or aesthetic. We’ll delve into fascinating facts, connecting the art to the broader context of art history or other subjects on the National Curriculum, ensuring a comprehensive learning journey.

Teaching Method: Lessons follow a clear, step-by-step format, guiding participants to create artworks they’ll cherish.

Art camp promises an abundance of fun, and I can’t wait to meet your child, unlock their creativity and let them see  their potential firsthand.

Exciting Outdoor Activities: Weather permitting, we’ll explore the nearby Lagan Meadows, indulging in nature walks and picnics. Art Camp is set to be an unforgettable experience, and I’m eager to teach your child and create lasting summer memories together.

Booking Policy: Please note, there are no refunds once booked.

Join us for a summer filled with creativity, exploration, and fun at The Art and Design Factory’s Summer Art Camp!

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