Annadale Studio, After school Art and Design lessons April to June 2024


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Annadale Art Studios is excited to announce our new block of art lessons running from April to June 2024, catering for art-loving children in the Belfast area.

We can’t wait to welcome all the little budding Picassos and Frida’s who share our passion for Art and Design.

At The Art and Design Factory, we’re dedicated to nurturing your child’s creativity. Our aim is to create a vibrant and supportive community where your child can make new friends and enjoy the process of artistic exploration through expressing themselves and learning new skills.

Led by Sinead, a highly qualified Art and Design Teacher with over 23 years of teaching experience, our lessons are designed to be engaging and enriching. Each session incorporates cross-curricular links to numeracy and literacy, reinforcing learning in a variety of subjects.

These lessons are aligned with the National Curriculum with different art themes explored in class, inspired by influential artists and designers, your child will not only enhance their artistic skills but also gain valuable insights into the history and relevance of art.

Sinead’s expertise extends beyond traditional art education. As an NLP, Mindfulness, and Mindset practitioner, she ensures that her classes offer a holistic learning experience. We go beyond simple painting and drawing; we embark on a journey of growth and development. With a strong emphasis on mindfulness and well-being, we equip your child with valuable tools to navigate the stresses they may face during the school week.

Participation in our Art and Design classes offers numerous benefits for your child, including improved self-confidence, relaxation, independent thinking, fine motor skill development, and the opportunity to express their artistic talent to the fullest.

Our classes run during term time to coincide with local school calendars, ensuring convenience for busy families. In the event of scheduling conflicts, we’re happy to accommodate alternative class days, provided advanced notice is given.

Classes commence promptly at 4:30 pm and conclude at 6:00 pm. Please note that due to other commitments, pupils cannot enter the studio before 4:30 pm.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to ignite your child’s passion for art! Reserve their spot today.

Below are the dates for classes in this upcoming block:

Dates of classes are as follows, please note the dates for your convenience.

Thursday class
25th April  | 2nd May | 9th May  | 16th May | 23rd May | 30th May | 6th of June

Friday class
19th April  | 26th April | 3rd May  | 10th May | 17th May  | 24th May | 31st May

Please note refunds are not available.


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Thur 4:30pm, Fri 2:30pm, Fri 4:30pm