Wellbeing Art and Mindfulness lessons for Primary Schools



Wellbeing Art and Mindfulness lessons

The Art and Design Factory provides Art workshops online or face to face, enabling schools to help children’s wellbeing through undertaking relaxing and engaging art lessons.  The lessons also work well for shared education programmes.  Bespoke art lessons can be tailor made to link with themes being delivered by your school.

Sinead is a fully qualified Art and Design teacher and HOD with over twenty three years of teaching experience and embeds the curriculum into all my lessons with cross curricular links to ensure reinforced learning takes place.  All lessons include links to Literacy, Numeracy, PMU, EMU and the WAU.

Sinead injects positivity and colourful creativity into all classrooms through her art lessons which are taught in a step by step teaching style.

Her mission is to help children grow in confidence and mindset through producing artworks they thought they could never produce.

As a fully qualified Art and Design Teacher, Sinead is very aware of how to support both teachers and pupils so they achieve highly in the classroom.

The Art and Design lessons can be offered alongside Mindfulness for Mental Health and Wellbeing of all pupils.  Through engaging in art practice and mindfulness pupils will experience a sense of calm and relax in the process.  These lessons can help reduce anxiety and stress and encourage self belief and confidence.  Children of all ages can benefit from mindfulness, as it promotes happiness and a deeper awareness of their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

As a Mindfulness and NLP practitioner Sinead can implement these into your bespoke lessons to help with mindset and relaxation

Sinead can incorporate breathing exercises, guided meditations and Mind jars, to help children learn how to think more calmly, by using their breathe as an anchor to steady their emotions and feelings.

By teaching children how to use mindfulness in their daily lives, they will develop skills to support their own wellbeing and self soothe.

Mindfulness benefits include

  • increased attention span and focus
  • cognitive development,
  • enhances social and emotional skills,
  • improved behaviour at schools,
  • increased resilience,
  • improved emotional regulation and
  • reduces anxiety and stress.

After School Art lessons

Alternatively you may want to organise some after school art lessons.  Children can be taught during the school day or after school via zoom.

The Art and Design Factory will facilitate art workshops to assist pupils learning by recapping on topics and themes being undertaken at school,  Numeracy and Literacy links will be subtly embedded into these lessons to ensure reinforced learning takes place.

Each session can accommodate up to 500 pupils and last for 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes.  To check availability and discuss the details with Sinéad please call her on 07884410804 or email info@theartanddesignfactory.com


 Miss Cooke Holy Rosary Primary School, Belfast 

Sinead’s Art lesson which she delivered to our whole school (20 classes of pupils in P1 – P7) as well as our partner school in Nepal via Zoom, was fantastic. We worked together on the planning and Sinead communicated with me throughout the planning stage to ensure all our needs were met in achieving our project goals. Sinead carried out her own research with regards to both countries and the Sustainable Development Goals our international project promotes. She resourced the lesson excellently with stimuli, photos, and wonderful modelling of drawing strategies. Her lesson was a great success in teaching the children the skills of ‘drawing’ and her ability to engage the children throughout the lesson via zoom was just super!

Thank you for all your hard work in planning and delivering this lesson Sinead, the children loved it!


Mrs Rhona Donnelly Principal of St. Ciaran’s Primary School 

Sinead is a rare combination of gifted artist and teacher, as well as coach and nurturer. Sinead’s art lessons are engaging, fun and full of learning. The format of instruction helps the children learn to see space differently, it helps them learn great layout techniques, and all the basic fundamentals on how to make beautiful art.

The style of the Sinead’s teaching to the classroom makes it possible for everyone to go at their own pace.  Sinead’s warm, calming voice creates a beautiful blend to the fun art lessons that have the children settled into from the minute it starts until the minute it ends. 

The level of artwork created excels all expectations. 

From our children taking part in Sinead’s art lesson I now know that art is real a pleasure,rewarding and a creative escape so a wonderful antidote to stress.

Something we need now more than ever for our children. 

Sinead really knows her art and is eager to teach it.  I applaud her patience as well as her program. 

Thank you Sinead