Summer School Holidays, Bundle of 8 pre-recorded lessons along with 2 live zoom lessons with Sinéad




Art for Heart’s Sake Bundle of Art lessons

As a mother of two children and an Art and Design teacher with 23 years teaching experience, I understand how children can become easily bored over the summer holidays, especially when the weather doesn’t permit outside play. Many parents are still working from home and the thought of juggling child care alongside daily work commitments and deadlines can be a rather daunting and challenging prospect.

As a mother and educator, I understand as a parent you also want to ensure that your child has opportunities to recap on literacy and numeracy skills over the summer holidays so that when they return to school in September they do not fall behind or lack confidence.

I therefore want to help you and your child by providing online, educational art lessons which will encourage your child to find joy and fun in being creative at home (with no extra cost of having to purchase expensive art materials) whilst ensuring they are receiving cross curricular learning through reinforced learning by undertaking my  art lessons.

Art for Hearts Sake Package

My digital portal called  ‘Art for Heart’s Sake’  will engage, entertain and educate your child over the summer months which will ultimately make life easier for you. The ‘Art for Heart’s Sake’ package includes 8 pre-recorded art lessons, one lesson for each week of the summer holidays, along with two live art lessons via zoom, for you children to opt into if they wish.

I would recommend that they undertake one lesson per week.  They may for example create the drawing section of one of the eight  pre recorded art lessons one day of the week and then add colour on another day or they may want to complete the whole lesson on the same day, its entirely up to your child and your schedule.   Each lesson also has an accompanying line drawing of each art work included so that younger siblings can partake in the lesson and colour in the page.  This will make them feel they are included in the whole experience and keep them engaged too.

Please note that the portal cannot be shared with any other friends, families or groups. Your purchase offers a single user license to participate in the course only, an invitation to the private Facebook group, and option to partake in the two live lessons. Our copyright content is therefore only available per family who have purchased.  If we become aware of this content being shared with other parties your subscription will be cancelled and access to the lessons stopped.

Materials required

The materials you will need at home for the art lessons are as follows

  • A4 Paper
  • Watercolour paints
  • paintbrushes
  • Oil pastels and crayons
  • Pencil
  • Rubber

From my teaching career l also know that the line drawing will benefit children with SEN, as many tend to prefer to see the overall big, picture from the onset of the lesson so that they can refer back to the line drawing for guidance during the lesson.

Summary of what is included:-

  • Eight pre recorded Art lessons for each week of the summer holidays can be watched, rewinded and replayed, at any time, from any location and on any device. 
  • Eight accompanying line drawings for each lesson.
  • Two live lessons on zoom will be take place on Tuesday 19th July from 11am – 12pm and Tuesday 16th August from 11am – 12 pm.
  • Reference to the formal elements on the National curriculum will be addressed in each lesson which consist of line, shape, form, tone pattern and colour.
  • Each lesson has Cross Curricular links to Numeracy and Literary to assist with reinforced learning and will have reference to different themes of art, focusing on an artist or designer whose style of work is influenced by a particular movement or style. Other interesting facts on how it is relevant to the History of Art or WAU will be discussed in the introduction powerpoint presentation.
  • The lessons will help improve your child’s self-confidence, assist with relaxation and mental wellbeing, encourage independent thinking, improve fine motor skills and stretch their artistic potential.
  • All lessons will be taught using clear step-by-step instructions which will assist your child to create artworks they will be happy and proud of.

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