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The Art and Design Factory are excited to share our new range of Arts and Craft projects to be created at home for children aged between 5-11.

These art boxes are full of fun, engaging, creative arts and crafts which will keep your budding little artists entertained for hours. They are perfect for those dark, wet afternoons or evenings when your little ones need something to do and you need a break.

These delightful Spooky Halloween Arts and Crafts box consists of five art projects which will keep your kids entrained for 5 at least 5 hours.

They are perfect for the lead up to the Halloween celebrations.  Your child can create decorations for your home, with a little help from you if they are really young and may find cutting-out a little tricky.

Each box consists of all the art materials including paint, PVA glue, paintbrush, sponge, paper templates, waxed paper and tissue paper.   All you will need to supply is a glue stick and scissors for cutting out the various projects.

All projects will have a Studio Video Tutorial to accompany the lesson along with  Step by Step instructions included in the box.

A link to the studio tutorial will be sent to the email provided after checkout.

The Spooky Arts and Crafts Halloween Box cost £15 plus £5.90 postage 1st class

Halloween Arts and Crafts Projects 1 to 5

Project 1: Halloween Bunting

Your little artist will create pumpkin themed Halloween bunting for you to hang up and show off proudly over the Halloween holidays.

Project 2: Sugar Skull

For this project your little ones will create their own sugar skull design and decorate with the stickers and materials included within the box.  Ideas and suggestions on how this project can be used to create a Pop Art inspired grid consisting of four designs is included.

Project 3:  Haunted Room drawing

If your child prefers to paint or colour, this section will enable them to draw,  use their imagination and creativity as they design their own spooky room adding as much detail and colour as they prefer

Project 4: 3d Paper Pumpkins large and small

In this project the  child/ren will make 3D pumpkins from cutting out pumpkin shapes and arranging these together to create a 3D pumpkin which will look great sitting displayed on your table.

Project 5: Halloween Lanterns

Kids will love making these gorgeous Halloween lanterns that glow in the dark.  The Art and Design Factory try to ensure that the projects set ensure that the  paper and materials are recycled and so ask that you keep the orange tissue paper which each project is wrapped up in for this craft.

You can use recycled jars, bottles whatever you have at home.  Different sizes and heights look great displayed together.

For this project the kids will rip the tissue paper into small sections and glue these onto the upcylced containers using the pea glue included.  Whilst the lanterns are drying the kids can cut out the various Halloween related motifs and then place them on top of the wet glue.

These look great with a battery operated tea light or glow stick inside.