Shared Education Art lessons for Primary Schools and After school Art Club



Shared Education Art lessons

The Art and Design Factory provides Art workshops on Zoom enabling schools to work together through the shared education programme.  These bespoke art lessons can be tailor made to link with the themes being delivered by your school.  Due to covid restrictions and the reduction in the use of art materials we can alternate resources to ensure that the formation of successful art outcomes that the pupils will be proud of and enjoy creating.

Zoom art lessons enable schools to partake in fun and engaging art lessons from the comfort and safety of the classrooms.  Children will have the opportunity to interact and learn more about each others opinions and interests.

The Art lessons have cross curricular links with reinforced learning subtlety embedded into all the lessons along with Numeracy and Literacy, WAU and PMU.

The lessons help children express themselves, reduces anxiety and depression and boosts self belief and confidence.

The final artworks can be presented in a collaborate wallhanging or pupils can receive their artwork framed, ready to take home.

After School Art lessons

Or alternatively you may want to organise some after school art lessons.  Children can be taught during the school day or after school from the comfort of their home,  The Art and Design Factory will facilitate art workshops to assist pupils learning by recapping on topics and themes being undertaken at school,  Numeracy and Literacy links will be subtly embedded into these lessons to ensure reinforced learning takes place.

Each session can accommodate up to 500 pupils and last for 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes.  To check availability and discuss the details with Sinéad please call her on 07884410804 or email