HALLOWEEN ART CAMP Win £100 Cash Prize




Your children can be part of our Halloween art camps via Zoom from anywhere in the world.

The Art and Design Factory is excited to announce Halloween Art Camp on zoom.  Halloween Art Camp will allow your children to have fantastic time creating arts and crafts that can be displayed in your home as decorations.  The images they will create will be bright, colourful, spooky and creative. Your family can take part from the comfort of your home. This is a great opportunity for kids to be part of engaging art lessons while parents have the opportunity to focus on working from home or enjoy some well deserved downtime over the mid term holidays.


Competition Time

Your family have the fantastic opportunity to win £100 cash.  At some stage during camp, 1 parent and their child/ren attending art camp must dress up in Halloween costumes and be photographed for the best dressed family.  The winner will be notified at 12 noon on the 30th of October.  £100 could be yours to spend.


Art Camp daily schedule

Each morning camp will begin at 10.30am.  The art sessions last for one hour and thirty minutes and will finish at 12noon for lunch.  After lunch we will begin our afternoon session at 1pm to 2.30pm.  Dates for the camp are as follows:

Halloween Art Camp will run from the 28th to the 29th of October.

Sinéad is committed to nurturing a calm and comforting environment for children while also giving them the opportunity to learn and release their creativity at home.

Each lesson has Cross Curricular links to Numeracy and Literary to assist with reinforced learning for younger members of the family.

Participation in the lessons will help improve your child’s self confidence, assist  with relaxation and mental wellbeing, encourage independent thinking, improve fine motor skills and stretch their artistic talent.

Each class will link to a different theme of art, focusing on an artist or designer who’s style of work is influenced by a particular movement or style. Other interesting facts on how it is relevant to the History of Art, or linked to other subjects on the National Curriculum will ensure reinforced learning takes place.

As visual learners the children will grasp and benefit from visual aids used within the lessons which will enhance their understanding and assist with learning.

All lessons will be taught using a clear step by step format which will assist the participants to create artworks they will be happy and proud of.


All participants will be encouraged to upload their work to share with family members and friends on my social media sites to showcase the artwork produced and as a celebration of your child’s achievements.

Let’s share their creativity with others and in doing so boost their confidence and brighten up others’ lives by creating spooky artworks that you can display in your home as Halloween decorations.