Childrens Arty Party Zoom Art Class



Minimum of 5 Children per Class



The Art and Design Factory delivers cool, creative Birthday parties which can be hosted in your home, via Zoom or at your selected venue.

These parties cater for the little people who love to draw, paint and create their own masterpieces. Your child’s party can be based on your child’s interests, such as a favourite book, movie or character.

Popular Party Themes:

Favourite themes have included animals, dinosaurs, Star Wars, Disney, robots, pirates, ponies, unicorns, fairies and princesses.  Alternatively a landscape masterclass in watercolour can be chosen for children aged 8 and over.

Currently all the arty birthday parties are being taught on Zoom.  All pupils will be put on mute at the start of the lesson and four  co hosts will assist with the pace of the lesson.  At the end the children will be able to talk to one another and Happy Birthday can be sung.

For these parties all children are encouraged to use watercolour paints as these are more child friendly and are easier for little hands to manage.

List of materials required for each child are as follows:-

A4 paper, pencil, paintbrushes, watercolour paints, rubber, ruler, hair dryer and tissues.