Children’s Arty Party



Minimum of 5 Children per Class



The Art and Design Factory delivers cool, creative, arty birthday parties which can be hosted via Zoom or in our Annadale Art Studio.

These parties cater for the little people who love to draw, paint and create their own masterpieces. Your child’s party can be based on your child’s interests or we can forward you other popular art themed artworks for the special occassion.  Alternatively a landscape masterclass in watercolour can be chosen for children if they prefer this subject matter.

Arty birthday parties are being taught on Zoom or in the studio at Annadale Art Studios.

For parties online children are encouraged to use watercolour paints as these are more child friendly and are easier for little hands to manage.

List of materials required for each child are as follows:-

A4 paper, pencil, paintbrushes, watercolour paints, rubber, ruler, hair dryer and tissues.